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This system consolidates all means of communication into one platform. Makes it simple to talk between employees as well as clients. It can automate calendars. send out reminders, invitations, etc... This platform can do all this and much more

A few of the features we offer, book a consultation if you want to know more

Content Automation

Any content that you post on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc... can be auto uploaded. It can be to an interval you'd like and can be adjusted. Saving you time to work on other this.

Calendar Automation

Clients will be able to book their own appointments. The system will auto-assign it to whomever it needs to go to. Plus, it can be linked to an existing google or outlook calendar to keep track on any platform

Missed Call Text Back

Make sure your clients know that you didn't forget about them! Anytime you receive a phone call from a client and aren't able to answer, they will receive an automated message. This allows you to communicate with them and not lose them.

Reputation Management

Anywhere your business information is listed, our software will make sure that its all congruent. It will add any changes made or needed to be made. Additionally, any negative reviews will be flagged, notifying our team so we may dispute if needed. Making sure no negative reviews that aren't true get listed on Google, ensuring your business doesn't get affected

Analytics & More

Once you start utilizing our CRM you can see how many leads are created and how many become clients. Each lead/client is given a value, demonstrating how much revenue the business is bringing in. Click movement online is also track, anytime someone searches your business, or finds it on a directory, our system will track all the way until they become a customer.

Webchat Widget

Your company website can have a web chat feature that will activate a 2-way SMS message. Allowing potential clients to speak to someone real in your company instead of a computer.

Customer prefer to talk to a real person, they hate talking to bots. When they have questions or concerns, they will be happy knowing they will be speaking to a real person on your team. This feature can be added to any website, no matter who you host through. Book a Consultation to learn more

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